A Gibbous Moon on Halloween Night,

Guides the way of the Wiccan’s flight.

Ascending upon the first stroke of Midnight,

 With a cackle of laughter from high in the sky,

In a swirl of withered leaves, off they fly!

Veiled in phantom grey clouds,

and darkest nightmare shrouds.

Twiggy broom and pointed black hat,

A howl and a hiss of an ebony cat.

These are the harbingers of this eventide,

Oh, search if you will, there is nowhere to hide.


 (c) Cate Franklyn, All Rights Reserved, 2013


3 thoughts on “The Witching Hour

  1. How bewitchingly delightful!!! And you dear sister, Cate, ……may the darker half of the harvest season from sunset on this eve to November 1st, be celebrated in a festive manner most fitting the occasion…………………
    Mystical Realms Wishes All, Members and Friends Who Celebrate the Sabbats, A Blessed and Happy Samhain to All !


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