Last Saturday, a group of us went to our good friend Olga’s annual summer get-together, at her home in Staten Island. This year we decided to start the festivities with a luncheon at the South Fin Grill in South Beach on the boardwalk.

When I had left Queens that morning it was pouring and the day looked to remain overcast so, I did not bring my camera.  But, while we were enjoying our food and each other’s company, the sun changed its fickle mind and came out shining bright and clear for the rest of the day.  When we finished our meal, we took a nice leisurely walk along the boardwalk before heading back to Olga’s for dessert.

With the morning’s grey clouds diminished, the sky was now blue, the ocean inviting, and the sand was stripes of light and dark pink, edged with green dune grasses.  I was a little bit miffed at myself for leaving my camera at home but…..I did have my iPad. As we strolled along the boards I took a few shots of the beach and fishing pier with the stately Verrazano Narrows Bridge in the back ground.

My favorite shots though, were of Olga’s garden where surrounded by a cool oasis of greenery we sat at the table talking, sipping wine and nibbling on cheese, grapes and later sweet buttery pastries.

The sounds of conviviality faded into the background as I watched the sun, sinking lower in the sky, shooting warm afternoon rays through branches of trees, illuminating the garden. I slipped my iPad out of my bag and soon was engrossed in taking photos. I tip-toed through a dense patch of sunny Black-eyed-Susans, found tiny blue daisies hidden under a white picket bower and masses of purple Cone flowers preening in the sun.  I crawled under bushes to get at the waxy green cucumbers, pushed aside a dense leafy covering to expose plump cherry tomatoes growing in organic profusion. Almost all of the flower and vegetable images were taken using a mirror special effect, as I did on some of the boardwalk shots, to create beautiful but “exotic” looking plants.

As the saying goes, “A good time was had by all” and I came home with a few very pretty photographic memories too!

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