A few weeks ago I went to Brooklyn Bridge Park to take photos of the East River water front from the Brooklyn side perspective.  When I had exited the #4 train at Borough Hall I had a bit of a walk toward the pier, but since I was in the beautiful neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights the walk was enjoyable. I made a mental note to come back in the fall to photograph this charming neighborhood and its incredible Brownstone homes, old mansions, restaurants and cafes.

I started my walk along Joralemon Street but then made a detour to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade which over looks piers 2 & 3 with wide open vistas of the Statue of Liberty and Governor’s Island to the left. The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges to the right and South Street Seaport and lower Manhattan straight ahead of you, with Brooklyn Bridge Park down below.  The park is still under construction especially piers 2 & 3 so I had the best of both worlds urban photography wise, with the typical tourist views of the Manhattan skyline combined with my favorite grungy industrial stuff.

I wanted to make sure that the composition included the new construction as the forefront to the bridges, seaports and the East River. I also wanted to zoom in on the construction bits too since when one is on the street level a site is usually blocked by covered fencing with maybe one or two peep holes. But, from up above I could photograph the red dump trucks, yellow digging trucks, orange cherry pickers, green dumpsters, and a myriad of other construction accoutrements I have no names for but made for great images. Peeking out of the water’s edge were the remnants of the old piers mutely watching as a new 21st century world was going up around them.

As I looked left toward the completed sections of piers 5 & 6 in the distance I could see blue umbrellas, and tables, soccer fields and hordes of bicyclists gearing up for a ride through the park.  I took the last of the photos from above and hurried down making my way back to Joralemon street and finally into the park itself.

When I got there it was just teeming with people barbecuing, picnicking, walking, running, fishing, tanning, reading, painting, playing, and like me just taking in the views and marveling at this wonder of urban “parchitecture.”  The park has grassy knolls and tree-lined trails, which were little oasis of cool comfort on a hot summer’s day.  I followed the crowd as we wended our way through temporary alleyways around the construction toward Pier 1 and the Brooklyn Bridge.

By this time I was hot and looking for a place to have a bite to eat and something to drink, when I spied a creamy sanctuary sitting under the bridge; The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, Hurrah!!! I made a mad dash through the doors and entered into a world of frozen sweet treats and many happy faces. I had a double scoop strawberry cone and sat outside in the shade licking the drips from my fingers as I watched the tourist disembark from the New York Water Taxis.

There was a restaurant right next to the ferry landing with a very enticing deeply rusted old fence which I had to take a few photos of.  After that I decided to make my way back and walked through the land side of the park through the many shady paths and wide open lawns surrounded by plants and wooden benches.  I followed a trail that led across a foot bridge that crossed over the highway and took you to Squibb Park and back into the streets of Brooklyn Heights to catch the train back home.

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4 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bridge Park

  1. Best rust I’ve ever seen juxtaposed with lush greenery which looks spectacular!!! The park is well positioned for views of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn and provide a panoramic view of the most exciting skyline which is artfully captured. Some scenes are familiar but so much is new and it’s an urban space waiting for strollers and visitors yet to come. Worth a trip to check out the walkways along the promenade, cook a hot dog on one of the grills or even enjoy a double scoop strawberry cone. Our favorite photographer has once again presented an interesting place to visit and enjoy. An oasis for one day get-aways or stay-cations not too far from home. Wonderful as always!!!


  2. I have several favorites here–the woman reading (or sketching?) at the top of the steps; the rusty iron work; and (oddly) the three trash cans, which look almost animated in their determination to be in the middle of the photo. Nice work.


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