The past few weeks I was involved in family photography which was fun and very gratifying but, I needed to get back into my urban groove.

When I walked out of the apartment this past Sunday, I had no specific idea of what I wanted to shoot. So, I let my photographic Muse provide the inspiration. As I walked through the neighborhood my eyes began to focus on objects that contained vivid color, striking contrasts (i.e., a bower of red roses arching over a row of grey garbage cans; love it!), grunge, interesting juxtapositions, repeating patterns and rough textures or had an element of whimsy.

I pointed the lens skyward, poked it into gardens and alleyways, under tunnels and train tracks, through fences and bushes and over walls. I walked up and down the blocks, scanning the urban landscape for subjects and proud of the cultural diversity of this Queens neighborhood depicted in murals by local graffiti artists.

The Muse was open to everything, encouraging me to be objective in choosing the imagery I was creating. We had a terrific time the Muse and I, strolling the streets of Astoria capturing the eclectic nuances that make up my urban home town.

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6 thoughts on “The Muse and I

  1. Cate, you sure know how to translate the urban street-scape of NYC. You’ve extracted the delightful details of the artful grunge of the City…the details easily missed. Your eye and photographic style remains, since I found you on Freshly Pressed, the way I contextualize in words this amazing City!


  2. Those quaint doorways and windows, gardens and double cups on the fence, all scenes of the old and new but distinctive in their settings of green or rust, brick and wood. A quintet of odd looking metal pipes seem like alien visitors seeking a place of refuge. These pictures are “Muse-ic” for the spirit and how gently they convey their dignity as seen through the lens of an urban naturalist. Great photo jaunt, as always!!!


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