I was very honored and pleased when a few months ago my niece Catherine asked me to do her maternity photo shoot. This was a new photographic venture for me so I was determined to make it a special and fun occasion for the new young parents-to-be.

These past few weeks Catherine and I had been emailing back and forth planning and scheming, preparing props, discussing poses and locations to shoot. She is due in early July and the best time for a maternity shoot is when the mother is at least 7 1/2 to 9 months pregnant. You want to capture the belly big and round, the mother at her most luminous in love and beauty and the father proud enough to bust.

We picked May 26th for the shoot, since that was the day the family was getting together at her mother’s house  in Long Island for the Memorial Day holiday, combining two happy occasions. We did the shoot in the morning before the rest of the family and guests arrived so we would not be distracted.  We had a gorgeous day and the back yard was a perfect back drop with colorful flowers blooming, the pool uncovered and shimmering blue, soft moist green grass for bare feeties and, cool enough not to mind being in the bright sun for over two hours.

I combined creativity with the conventional, the cute and the corny, the dramatic and the abstract, all with the “baby belly” as the main focus. The props we used were hats, dresses, books, chairs, scones, a bowl of  fruit, mirrors, baby clothes, flowers, a “coming soon” sign, and a banner that my niece had made of her baby girl’s sonograms shuffled in between the letters of her name: Ellie.

When we had taken shots in every spot in the back yard we moved indoors for a couple of  “traditional” shots of the mother-to-be. In the living room I placed Catherine in a beautiful comfy high-backed chair with a pot of dried flowers on the floor to her right and on the wall two small square photos above her also to her right.  Very minimal. The pose is relaxed and natural and she is looking straight into the camera. It is one of my favorite shots of her.

With Catherine’s and Danny’s permission I present their Maternity Memories. Enjoy.

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One thought on “Maternity Memories

  1. Maternity Memories is one of the most beautiful and poignant presentations of Mommy-To-Be albums I’ve ever seen. The new Mom is lovely and gracious in her countenance and Dad is dutifully attendant in his love and support. This is an opportunity for expectant parents to consider suggested options for capturing all those precious moments leading up to the weeks and days prior to that most special event. I hope to see many Mommies-To-Be in Cate’s Blog because it is one of her special gifts in capturing a very special time in the lives of new parents. Beautiful and Special !!!!


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