This Saturday, I spent a few hours in the Bronx Botanical Gardens by the tranquil Bronx River waterfall; the heart beat of the Thain Family Forest.

I arrived after 2:00pm and since the gardens close at 6:00pm I bypassed the many enticing floral gardens and hurried in the direction of the paths that would take me down to the river. On my way I stopped a few moments to photograph the magnificent Fountain of Life that sits at the entrance of the Mertz Library.  I took photos as I walked through the forest of centuries old trees on mossy brown trails awed by the fact that this old growth forest actually exists in New York City!

When I arrived at the falls a calm washed over me. I tuned into the sounds of nature; the soft shushing of water cascading over the falls, birds singing high and sweet and the giggling rustle of leaves tickled by a breeze. The air was pungent with an earthy fragrance and I began to relax and slow down as I looked around for just the right spot to set up my tripod and camera. Patiently working around tourists and other photographers I found it a challenge to steady my tripod on the uneven ground and had to maneuver my camera under and over railings and rocky outcroppings to get the shot I wanted.  Taking a break in between shots nibbling on my sandwich, I watched as the sun’s light moved over the late afternoon landscape, opening up light in some areas and casting shadows over others while mentally composing images.

The time flew and looking at my phone saw that it was six o’clock on the dot. Wanting to catch the 6:37 back to Grand Central, I quickly packed up my gear, sprinted back up the paths, out through the gates and up to the train station platform arriving with two minutes to spare!

Enjoy the slide show.

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2 thoughts on “Water Softly Falling

  1. BBG looks verdant and lush while the trails are calm and tranquil and ready for hikers to walk through one of the gems of the Bronx. The falls are majestically eloquent in their cascading motion yet exquisite with creamy fluidity. Beautiful and charming in grace and elegance, yet………………. Softly Falling. Stunning!!


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