I’m at it again using the mirror feature in the photo-booth app with my iPad.

Each day I sit, an unobtrusive rider on the subway, patiently waiting for someone to sit across from me so I can turn them into a weird and bizarre alien. Some of my creations have double the amount of arms, legs, fingers and hands while others have only one leg, like a monopod. Most of them have no heads, and a few have no appendages at all. If they do have a head it is quite slim and their faces are narrow strips or compressed with no noses and maybe ears as features. I’ve captured them unknowingly as they were reading, sleeping, talking, or listening to music completely unaware of their metamorphosis. The other passengers sat oblivious to these strange and grotesque beings as the train barreled along to and from Manhattan.

I’ve collected quite a few of these images over the past few weeks and present them to you, my friends. I hope you enjoy them, and beware the next time you ride the subway and see me sitting there, you just might be my next unique alien creation! Bwa-ha-ha.


2 thoughts on “Creating Subway Aliens

  1. Beam me up Scotty!!! There are too many strange creatures riding the subways these days. Seriously, what a creative and clever manner of capturing the unassuming public at their most vulnerable and believe me, some of these folks look vulnerable. Little do they know they are being “mirrored” let alone morphing into something quite other-worldly by Cate!!! De-lightful!!


  2. So we are in Galactica :). You have taken the subway car and transformed it into a spaceship. Thanks for the space travel experience. I do think those aliens are nice. How can they not be, they are so solitary…they must be experiencing something too.


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