Dawn’s light glimmers on dew speckled leaves.

Butterflies flitter in the balmy breeze.

Crocus, the first to appear, wink slyly at the sun.

Their sisters, the Daisies, timidly join in the fun.

Mushrooms spiral out of the warm moist soil.

Trees aroused from their sleep awake with a smile.

A breath of wind inspires the Blue Bells to ring,

As Robins sing loudly the rites of spring.

Lilac and Lavender perfume the air.

Spring has arrived with diaphanous flair.

l’amore e il sole


6 thoughts on “A Spring Poem

  1. The snails and beetles, butterflies and crickets are wildly enthusiastic and almost ecstatic at the very thought, while vaulting themselves toward the garden at the mere thought of Spring finally arriving and such a rhythmical verse to usher it in. Ah, a thing of beauty!!!


  2. Beautiful pictures, Cate. You know WordPress is full of wannabe photographers sharing images of flowers and clouds and rainbows. Yours are some of the few I’ll take time look at (especially since I know that flowers, for you, are a departure from your normal material). Always worth it.


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