I’ve been rummaging though the photos I have taken with my iPhone and the Hipstamatic App this weekend. I pulled out a few interesting images I took over the past three weeks shot from the window of the N train as it pulls out of Queensboro Plaza making the wide sharp turn onto 31 Street. As soon as the train discharges the passengers, who run across the platform to transfer to the #7,  and the doors close I jump up and position myself by the corner doors at the end of the car. Standing bracing my shoulder and side on the door frame I lift my cell phone up, finger poised to tap, tap, tap on the display screen while the train speeds along the elevated tracks, capturing urban image after urban image. It is a bit of a test to see how quickly I can visually compose a shot as the world above 31st Street rushes past my eyes.  The images are very soft being shot through a thick shatter proof glass coated with layers of grit and grime adding a quirky texture and character to these borough scenes; some are blurry due to the constant shake and lurching motion of the train as it slows down at the station stops. I walk from one side of the subway car to the other to ensure I get a sampling of  both the right and left views along the tracks and then head to the front of the car (first car) for a final shot as it pulls into Ditmars station, the last stop in Astoria Queens, where I disembark and head home.


2 thoughts on “An N Train Perspecitve

  1. Why take the A train when there is so much going on, Hipstamatically speaking, on the N?
    A compelling view of the area’s old buildings and houses, many of which have witnessed better and tidier days. Nonetheless, there they stand, proud to be photographed and recorded for posterity, one more time. A sober rendering depicting the fabric and texture of the neighborhood we have visited, known as Astoria and captured through the keen and perceptive eyes of this urban photographer. BRAVA!!!


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