Yesterday, the skies were grey and it rained all day. I was up early and kept myself busy with domestic chores such as cleaning and laundry and I even made soup. I read and listened to music but, boredom was setting in fast and if I didn’t go outside soon I would dive into the big bag of salted roasted almonds sitting in my cupboard. With umbrella unfurled I stepped out into the rain. A cool moist breeze caressed my face and inspired me to keep walking despite the down pour which seemed to come down heavier now that I was outdoors, away from the almonds.

I chose 20th Avenue as it is a long stretch which leads one to the East River and has a few good hills giving the walker or runner a nice work out. On the sidewalk facing the street is an avenue of trees and each tree was just soaked. Tiny rivulets of water streamed down the bark of which had become so saturated that I could see rainbows of color; green, blue, red, yellow, and purple. The natural pattern of the bark was more prominent too, revealing abstract curls and swirls of wooden line. I was just smitten with these trees and whipped out my iPhone to take some very fun and abstract images with the Hipstamatic. I had recently changed “film” for this app, known as Ina’s 1982 and knew from previous use that it adds a high contrast pink/red color to any image. I figured this would enhance the rainbow effect I was already seeing. The hardest part was not stepping in the copious amount of dog poop at the base of each tree which in total could have fertilized a Kansas corn field.

Some trees had gaping wooden wounds where green and white fungus grew like barnacles on the russet and yellow bark. Others had newly sprouted bright red branches shooting out of gnarled knots and one tree had an eruption of brown satin fungus ruffles. A few trees had wrinkles and looked as if they had melted and then hardened over like a cold lava flow. Someone had carved a heart and stars into a tree and painted their artwork in deep blue and red in contest with nature. I spotted the mother of all tree knots in the empty basketball court across from the river’s promenade, the hole was so big the tree seemed to be shouting Hello!  The bright painted floor of the courtyard shone like glass in the rain and made for a few interesting reflection shots.

You will notice one photo that is a smeared pallet of color created when I slipped on the mud and with arms flailing around backed up into a freezing cold puddle. My sneakers immediately sucked up as much water as possible and as I walked emitted tiny brown muddy bubbles. I figured that was Mother Nature’s way of telling me to get out of the rain and go home. I took her advice.


One thought on “Chromaticity on a Rainy Day

  1. Now, this is something to see! A rainbow of watercolors and designs resulting from a rainy day and never captured better than in Cate-ography!!! That special quality of being up close and personal with an image that most people would pass by or hardly notice and beautifully presented with the most fascinating designs and perspectives not to mention the little known, brown satin fungus ruffle! An enchanted woodland waiting to be seen with kind eyes and a tree trying to say “hello”. Extraordinary!!!!


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