Being a New Yorker I want to get on, off and out of the  New York City public transportation system as fast as I possibly can except, when I am in Grand Central Terminal or Station as it is commonly known, where I slow down to marvel at this architectural wonder. No matter how many hundreds of people are rushing by,  juggling suit cases, back-packs, babies, bags and strollers, it is still spacious and opulent and a true site to be seen.

Mirror smooth granite, large tinted decorative glass windows and scintillating chandeliers impart a sense of awe unlike any other rail road station. The Clock, a beacon above the information kiosk and a favorite meeting place (as in, ” I’ll meet you by the clock at 10:30″), with its four glowing opalescent faces is an icon all in itself. While above your head, the vaulted ceiling is of  artistic beauty and curiosity full of celestial celebrities shooting across the heavens. Winged Pegasus and Orion the hunter mingle with these astrological signs: charismatic Gemini the Twins,  loyal Cancer the Crab, honest Pieces the Fish, strong and stubborn Taurus the Bull and creative Aries the Ram; graceful stars within the milky way.

There is an air of excitement in this cavernous terminal that you experience while watching people hurrying to and fro, anxiously looking up at the huge black and white destination boards located above the ticket booths, to confirm the time and track number of their train. Some who have a few moments before boarding, take a photo or two with their phones or go down stairs to the dining concourse to enjoy a fast meal at the various food courts. For those who have more time and prefer a sit down meal there is the infamous Oyster Bar, the entrance to which reminds one of a medieval castle with low swooping arches and shadowy lighting. I love walking through this urban grotto capturing the artistry in the detailing of the ceiling tiles, moldings, stairwells, iron work and sconces, revealing their charm through abstract imagery.

If you are in New York City take some time to visit this Grand Dame of Train Travel and wish her a Happy 100th Birthday!!!


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