The images below are from the past few weeks as I walked through my neighborhood to and from work, meeting friends, shopping, bringing in the laundry or going for a nice long relaxing walk. These are images of things that have caught my eye jumping out at me begging to be photographed. I can find something new in the same place no matter how many times I walk it.  I naturally compose images in my mind’s eye no matter where I am or what I’m doing, indoors or outdoors , walking or riding it doesn’t matter I LOOK. That is one of the great benefits of photography, it teaches one to SEE  how incredible the world we live in IS and the number one reason I became a photographer. And as far as subject matter, it is said that the world is ones’ oyster and right now Astoria is that juicy little oyster packed full of very interesting everyday subjects.

In mentally composing the images I look for and use shadows and reflections a lot,  because they add an interesting perspective to the image. They can be used to pull the eye along through the image to ensures the viewer sees the whole picture, and I’m drawn to them like a bee to a spring flower.  Cocking my head at an angle or turning around and looking  back at where I just walked gives me a completely new perspective. I highly advise turning around, do a complete 360 as you walk and you will be amazed at how the lighting and subject matter in the scene changes.

The natural position of the object  is key to my taking the image, that is the “eye catcher”  and will cause me to stop and observe for a minute  as I decide what I want to create of it. Sky too, is essential to the creation process and can make the image more powerful depending on what it contains, like puffy or stormy clouds, the grey mist of a fog, or a bright moon in deep blue.  The ever present telephone wires, with or without the ever present dangling sneakers are perfect for the abstract. Using the sky as a dynamic background and depending on how you post process the images can make the ordinary extraordinary, exciting, beautiful or thrilling;  an object of art.


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