I sit here in my bed snug and warm with a huge mug of high octane coffee listening to the wind howl outside my window in anticipation of hurricane Sandy, and felt this was a good time to finally write about my first autumn trip of the season.

Last Sunday,  my friends and I went to Hyde Park, NY on a visit to the Vanderbilt Mansion and then a return trip to the Poughkeepsie Walkway.  The day was beautiful with warm sun, blue skies and scudding clouds. When we arrived at the mansion I left my friends to take the tour and set out on my own to walk around the mansion grounds and take photos of the gorgeous views embellished in a pallet of autumn color. The striking contrast of red, yellow, green and orange against a deep blue sky is manna to a photographer’s eye.  I stood at the edge of the property, took a deep breath of crisp autumn air, and looked out over the Hudson River Valley at a landscape that had all the elements of a Bob Ross  painting, with happy little trees and textured layers of hills and clouds.

An hour later I circled back around and walked toward to mansion to meet up with my friends and take a few shots of the mansion. I was surprised when I came upon what looked like a huge columned library or small college and discovered that this was the Vanderbilt Mansion once called “home” by it owner Frederick Vanderbilt. The white, cold, hard stone architecture stood out like the proverbial sore thumb from the natural serenity of its surroundings but it still had a severe beauty of its own against the dark blue sky that I captured in off angle compositions.

When my friends emerged from the tour we piled back in the car and headed toward the Poughkeepsie Walkway. If you had read my post last year, I left NYC with bright clear, sunny skies and when I exited the train at Poughkeepsie the skies were completely clouded over. So, I had high hopes, on this day, of getting some shots with sun light. Although, the wind picked up and some clouds did roll in, the majority of the walk was sunny and I recaptured scenes that had plenty of color, light and shadow.

The late afternoon sun started to yawn and stretch giving off a warm glow that intensified the colors on the trees, adding a gleam to the Mid Hudson Bridge, a shimmer to the water below and so ending our fall foliage sojourn in Dutchess County.

Through the images below enjoy a walk through the vivid colors of my favorite time of year, Autumn.


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