The wind outside is roaring and slamming against my building rattling the windows and making the blinds tremble and jump. I am surrounded by trees and I’ve tried to capture the storms fury and bluster, without leaving my apartment, in focusing on the leaves. Watching the wind’s force whipping the leaves into a froth of color, blowing them into a blur of greens and yellows and shaken until they are unrecognizable.  The lens captured the leaves being pulled and stretch and their colors smeared and dulled into coalescence. The tree bows waving back and forth look as if they are flying through the air and some of the leaves were moving so fast they resembles hanging Spanish moss.

I hope all of my friends and family are safe and sound in their homes or in a shelter!!!


5 thoughts on “Hurricane Winds from my Window

  1. With all the chaos and destruction around our area, there is still beauty and splendor in the trees and leaves which are captured beautifully in their fury and turbulence by the intrepid Cate!!! Be well and safe!


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