Graffiti is a well known street art seen all over the world in every major city and  a few suburbs, but nothing, I think compares to the mind blowing art work covering every square inch of the 5 Pointz building in Long Island City.  The entire building is a huge constantly changing canvass  with works created by renowned  aerosol artists from around the world.

My reason for this visit was the sad news that this monument to Graffiti will soon be torn down to make way for a large residential building. I find it hard to believe but not surprised considering the revitalization that Long Island City has been going through for the past decade or more. Because the artwork changes so often I’m happy that I have spent time there over the years recording with my camera the outstanding artwork for posterity.

The focus of my photography is based on the abstract of an urban landscape. When I am taking photos of this type of graffiti I look at what is behind the paint like the old grumbling brick, warped pieces of 4  x 8 wood, metal panels pulling away from the walls, cracks and layers of old dripping paint, and so on. I like to photograph bits and pieces of the artwork, especially facial features like eyes and lips where the surface textures are visible through the artists imagination.

I hope you enjoy the images below and if you are in NYC please take the #7 train to Court House Square and spend some time viewing this incredible street art that seems to live and breathe on the walls of 5 Pointz before it is just a memory in a collection of photos.


2 thoughts on “Revisiting 5 Pointz

  1. What a fabulous view of this particularly innovative art and how well captured they are! Some of these images almost resemble ancient Roman frescoes with time eroding the features but rather they are graffiti created by imaginative and creative contemporary artists who have colored, tinted, and shaded the walls and surfaces of this area. BRAVA, Cate!!!!


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