One place I never tire of photographing is Astoria Park and I’ve been paying much attention this year to the shore line than ever before, finding great little spots to point my lens and capture a nice mix of urban nature and industrial beauty. It occurred to me that I have been including a small area of park shore line as Astoria Park when in fact it is Ralph DeMarco Park. It runs along the East River and Shore Road  from 19th Avenue to Ditmars Boulevard. Astoria Park runs along Shore Road from Ditmars to Astoria Boulevard. Anyway, this little grassy off shoot of Astoria Park has some terrific views of the river going north and expansive views of the Hellgate and Triboro Bridges. Here, I have better access to the shore line of the river giving me a wider vantage point to compose my photos.

So, a few weeks ago I starting my journey on 19th Avenue and walked up along Shore Road to the end of Astoria Park and then back down to Ditmars Boulevard taking photos each way.  Mother Nature was very cooperative giving me a sky filled with sun and clouds that puffed and stretched across the sky creating a different mood with each change. The river was turbulent as always and busy with both leisure and commercial vessels and the grasses and plant life were growing in spring profusion.  I found an overgrown raspberry bush with each branch just pregnant with berries in all states of ripeness spilling over the sidewalk. I walked under the branches and climbed over the fencing to get around this fruity plant to capture the green, red and purple berries in all their fresh plumpness.

I poked my lens in between the rails of the fence along the promenade to zoom in on the large boulders that caught my attention because one looked like a giant old tortoise and the other a giant clam shell sitting on the shore for I don’t know how long.  I created a little tropical island scene with sand, rocks, plants and water.  To my delight a  huge black slow-moving barge being pushed and guided by a green tug boat sailed down the river toward New York Harbor followed by a speeding splashing pleasure boat leaving a white frothy trail in its wake  sailing in the opposite direction.  I zoomed in on the newly opened Randall’s Island Bridge sitting very prettily in green-blue surrounded by a park of its very own; a park I will visit in the coming months.

Enjoy a refreshing walk along the river through my eyes and images below.


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