This weekend was probably one of the most incredible weekends weather wise here in the Big Apple, and Saturday morning I was out the door at 5:30am to get to Coney Island and capture the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and bask in the warm summer like sun.  It is an hour and forty-five minute trip one way and I wanted to take advantage of the softer morning light.  Once on the beach I started by walking west toward Steeplechase Pier and continued walking all the way to the tip of  Sea Gate and then back toward the pier.

My favorite time though, was spent photographing the crashing waves under the pier.  The other was climbing on the rocks of the jetty that separates Coney Island from Sea Gate. This jetty was full of fisher folk casting their lines and luck out to the vast, cold and blue Atlantic Ocean as huge container vessels sailed forth loaded with cargo heading into or out of New York Harbor. Many pleasure craft drifted by filled to the brim with more people out for a day of fishing.

People young and old jogged along the shore or braved the cold waters for a first dip of the season. Yours truly went in only as far as my knees. I usually don’t dive into the water until July  when it has had a chance to warm up some. I was very pleased at how clean the water and the beach was and the only throw-aways I saw were fruits like a hunk of watermelon and the top of a pineapple. There were two strange items though; the first item was an entire picnic lunch complete with glasses of wine just abandoned on the shore. I have no idea why it was left there, maybe an offering to King Neptune to ensure a warm sunny summer. It was mostly vegetables and fruits beautifully arranged in bowls and plates. Of course I had to take a photo of it.  The second item was a man who dumped what looked like animal entrails on the sand for the seagulls, he explained. It was the most disgusting thing I ever saw, even the gulls were repulsed. One bird looked at the man as if to say “Do we look like lions?” On closer inspection it seemed to be the cut up remains of a Skate. The man must have been fishing and the poor Skate got caught on the hook.  And, yes I did take a photo of it and no it is not on the website because I can’t image someone wanting to buy an 8 x 10 of animal entrails.  It took a lot of will power to not throw up when photographing it. I have posted it on this blog though, because I know you are just dying to see it.

As the sun started to rise higher in the sky more and more people began to appeared on the beach and it started to resemble the old summer time Coney Island that one sees in most of the photos. I walked onto the pier and took some wide angle iconic shots of the Wonder Wheel, the Cyclone and the Parachute Jump all now historic landmarks thanks to the efforts of an organization called Save Coney Island .  Once off the pier I crawled back under it to capture a few more shots of the waves and a humungus metal pipe embedded in a huge chunk of concrete and surprisingly an exposed but unused roll of film. Interesting stuff under that pier. The waves were just spectacular when they rolled up and smashed into the pylons which created ghostly figures when captured by the fast speed of the camera.

The sun was getting stronger and brighter and I stopped to take a few close up shots of the Wonder Wheel and the Steeple Chase before heading to the Stillwell Avenue station and the N train back to Queens. It was a truly terrific day at the beach and I just love Coney Island.

You can view many more images of Saturday’s adventures by clicking here.


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