It was very difficult to come up with a title for this post because taking a walk along the Hudson River from Battery Park you pass through multiple parks . It wouldn’t be fair to pick just one for the title. As I had stated in my last post Irish Hunger Memorial  I started my walk from Chambers Street walking west toward Battery Park City then north up and through the Hudson River Park taking photos of buildings, boats and other things along the way.

One of my favorite places to take photos in Battery Park City is North Cove Marina with its many sail boats and large pleasure craft moored there surrounded by the World Financial Center buildings and facing the Winter Gardens. It is very easy to forget that  you are in a big city like Manhattan, as you stand on the dock with cool breezes from the water listening to the sounds of creaking boat masts and the piercing cry of a  swooping gull overhead.

My second favorite place along the river is Pier 25 in Hudson River Park.  I had a terrific time with the tug boat Lilac and a wonderful old red barge called the Lehigh Valley # 79 which is the Waterfront Museum and also houses the Pirate School! How’s that me matey’s?

Recently, I looked at an old ariel photo of lower Manhattan’s waterfront from the 1930’s and was struck by the hundreds of piers sticking out from and outlining the entire tip of the island. All of them have either a container vessel, tug or an ocean liner docked in them.  What was once the home of a thriving shipping industry is now the home to green spacious parks and a playground for people of all ages. Gone are the old wooden piers wreaking of creosote and oil, now they have been replaced by new sturdy concrete piers that are extensions of the park’s open spaces. These modern piers are made for people to take in the views, sit, read, play ball, do yoga, walk, take a nap, fish or do absolutely nothing except enjoy the moment.  I could walk along the Hudson River from the tip of Battery Park all the way up to Chelsea Piers and never tire of the scenery,  the many outdoor activities, museums, restaurants and all the fun this area provides to anyone who enjoys the great outdoors in a great City like New York.

I have many more photos of Battery Park City and the Hudson River on my website at Enjoy.


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