Embellising on Nature’s Accomplishments

And what better accomplishment could nature have done but create the Rose.  I’ve mentioned in previous posts of the magnificent flowers in the gardens of Astoria Queens, especially the roses along Ditmars Boulevard. Now, in this very warm and humid mid spring the roses have been outdoing themselves in size, color and variety. Everyday they bow their beautiful fragrant heads to me as I walked along to touch, smell and admire their natural graces.

Some colors are vibrant and some muted and  I’ve taken a liberty, with what Mother Nature has done, and added  a darker urban twist to the rose with the help of post processing software and my artistic imagination.  I brought out the delicate detail of the curl, fold and ruffle of the petal; the line of the vein in the leaf and the gentleness of the sprouting bud with fine grain. I added a shimmer or a shine to soften or blurred to a bright opacity and pulled out just enough color to draw the eye inward.

I hope you enjoy my little embellishments.