This past weekend was so beautiful and spring like with azure blue skies and bright sun that I just couldn’t get enough of being outside.

On Saturday morning I took the #7 train to the Vernon and Jackson Avenue stop and walked towards Gantry Plaza State Park  in Long Island City to take photos of the spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline and those big bold Gantries.

The views of Manhattan are the real draw to this park along with the well maintained promenade and piers. Here you can spend hours lounging on the large spacious wooden deck chairs and wide benches soaking up the sun and watching the boats and barges lazily sailing up and down the river. Take a nice long leisurely walk or ride your bike along the promenade.  You can put a quarter in the large free-standing binoculars and take in a close up view of Manhattan, Roosevelt Island and the 59th Street Bridge. Or spend the day fishing off the fishing pier complete with a stainless steel table for filleting the catch of the day.  There is a sense of peace and calm here in this urban oasis which at one time was a busy  industrial dock facility with the huge Gantries lifting  goods from rail cars to cargo vessels.

There was an Easter Egg hunt going on with hundreds of excited children running pell-mell across the soft green lawns, filling their baskets with as many eggs as they could find. Taking advantage of the crowds being busy with the egg hunt I had the piers to my self and took as many shots of the Gantries as I could, without anyone wandering in front of them, and artistic wide angle shots of the piers. The Empire State and Chrysler buildings looked just gorgeous in the changing morning light. And my favorite image is an iconic one of the United Nations flanked by these two New York City skyline veterans.

Around noon the sun was at it brightest and time for me to have lunch and head home. I stopped at Dorian’s Cafe on the corner of 50th Avenue and Vernon Blvd. and had an omelet and the biggest cup of delicious coffee I ever had. You could have done laps inside that cup it was so big.

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend and enjoy the images below.


One thought on “Gantry Plaza State Park Revisited

  1. Kudos !!! to our inspired photographer, Cate, who brings us on her excursions into some of the most interesting places and describes all the things we are looking at. I once visited this park a few years ago with Cate and it couldn’t be captured and presented any better than it is here. It’s a sight to behold and if ever you get a chance to visit, go and see all the images which are so wonderfully presented.


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