In addition to my website I also have a small but growing inventory of images on a stock photography site called Photographers Direct. What I like best about this site is that the image buyers (photo editors) are looking for the unique, unusual or just plain hard to find images that are not readily available on other stock sites. As with most stock sites the photographer uploads their images and waits for a perspective buyer to search, view and hopefully license one of the images. But, unlike other stock sites Photographers Direct has an area where a buyer can post a unique request describing the type of image they are looking for and the price they are offering to license it for. The photographer can submit an image from their inventory that matches the requirements or they can go out and shoot the image and submit it as new which will go into the photographers portfolio and if approved will be put into the buyers light box for review.

So, with all that said above I have submitted to three requests. Two I had images already in my inventory and they are pending the buyers review and the third I had to go out and shoot. It was a request for an empty table in a restaurant with a perspective of you the photographer sitting across from an imaginary friend (showing an empty seat.) No people, nothing on the table except maybe a napkin or some condiments. The client stated that they will be inserting a dog in the empty seat. I was in Greenwich Village and walked into a cafe that just opened its doors for early Sunday brunch and found quite a few empty  tables. I chose one nearest the large windows to take advantage of the light and took about 25 images out of which I submitted three. I’ve included one below.

I found out yesterday that they were not quite what the client wanted so they were not approved (sigh). I was only mildly upset at first because the offering price to license the photo was high, but there are plenty more requests out there and I will keep on throwing my line out until I catch my fish. I have to admit it was fun and exciting going out to shoot for a perspective “paying” client and I am perusing the buyer requests on PD with a lot more verve than I used to. Keep your fingers crossed for the other two I submitted a few weeks ago.

I spent a few hours before taking the shots in the cafe shooting abstract angles of the outside of the First Presbyterian Church on 5th Avenue & 12th street and the soaring clock tower of the Jefferson Market Public Library on  6th Avenue & 10th Street.

Now, I don’t know about you but when I take photos of a Gothic building such as the First Presbyterian Church I just have to convert it to black and white. There is a strange little thrill that runs through me when I change a dark blue sky to black with white ghostly clouds and the red brick into haunting shades of dark grey. Processed this way, the subject leaps out of the picture seemingly more alive and towering. I did a few with the clock tower giving it a more foreboding look but most of these I kept in color due to the brilliance of the mosaic patterns encircling the tower.

I also photographed a pure white stuffed peacock with a gorgeous plume of downy white feathers on displayed in the window of a small shop on West 10th Street.

On my way home I wandered over to the corner of 7th Avenue South & Greenwich Avenue a.k.a. Mulry Square to take a few shots of the thousands of colorful and eclectic tiles hanging like Christmas ornaments to a rusting chain link fence surrounding a parking lot. These are Tiles for America and created by artists from all over the world as a commemoration to the people and events of September 11, 2001.

Enjoy the photos and Stay in Focus,



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