As I stated in a previous post Back to the Bronx I was waiting for the foliage season to hit NYC and this was the weekend. Due to the wild unseasonable weather we have been having this year, the leaves are coming into color very late. Yesterday, was the perfect day though. Cool and sunny with brilliant blue skies I went back to the Bronx Botanical Gardens  again to walk among and photograph the magnificent trees in the Thain Family Forest.

The smell of pine and moist soil permeated the air as I walked along the pathways camera in hand capturing ethereal moments when the sun illuminated the leaves causing the colors to become saturated in a glowing halo. Turning around I looked down the path and saw a mix of colors; yellow, green, red, brown and gold. Ah, this is what I love about the autumnal equinox; the incredible color.

I walked by a  large fallen tree and its trunk was laying close to the path and growing from the dried splintered bark and looking like golden yellow buttons  were forest fungi a.k.a. mushrooms. They looked so beautiful warming themselves in the sun and made for a few terrific photos. I found clusters of tiny dried pine cones hanging from thin spindly branches of tall conifers. There was bright green lichen clinging to ancient protruding rocks and light brown fuzzy alien looking plants sprouting from the floor of this old growth forest.

I followed the trails until I got to the path that took me to the Bronx River water falls. I was hoping for the calm smooth water behind the falls that I saw last time I was there, to capture the perfect mirror reflections of the trees along the shore but that was not to be. A group of canoeing enthusiasts were taking people out to canoe the Bronx River on this beautiful day. So, the water was not smooth but full of soft ripples from boats gliding silently along with oars cutting through the water. This did add to the composition of the image by making the reflections look like an abstract impressionist painting. A few trees on either side had fallen across the water falls drenching the leaves and branches in the cold clear fast moving waters.

On my way back to the park entrance I stopped at the little pond where last time it was covered with a thick green scum was now clear and reflecting the small foot bridge across it and the colors of the season.

Enjoy the images below and the full gallery of over a hundred images of this fantastic historic landmark at where you can by prints and digital downloads for your home, office, website or computer.

Have a great week and stay in focus,



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