The Botanical Gardens that is. Yesterday was just too beautiful a day not go somewhere where nature thrives and blooms and presents a photographer with  wonderful little bits of the natural world. And considering I was in the middle of an area of New York City that is quite a feat. I am talking about the last of the old growth forests taking up fifty acres in these botanical gardens and there was a Haunted Pumpkin Patch that I wanted to see too.

I knew the leaves would still be green but it was a perfect time to hike around the numerous and peaceful trails and find the spots that I know will provide incredible foliage shots upon my third visit in a few more weeks. My goal was to make my way to the Bronx River that runs through the gardens, find the water fall and scout out the area for other interesting photo ops. I found quite a few oddities such as a day-glow green scum covered pond providing great abstract shots; some wild forest fungi, polka dotted bird feathers, purple poisonous looking berries and an old shopping cart floating eerily beneath green murky waters.

I did get side tract for a little bit in the beautiful and fragrant Rose Garden but I eventually found my way to the falls and before I took any photos I sat myself down for a few cool peaceful minutes and just listened to the sound of the water as it rushed and tumbled over the rocks to the river below. Behind the falls the water was calm and smooth as glass and the reflections of the surrounding trees and rocks was spectacular and will be mind-blowing when in foliage. I stayed there for about an hour taking shot after shot and marveling at how crystal like the water looks as it pours over the edge of the land and bursts into brilliant water shards when it hits the rocks. The rest of the day was spent darting in and out of the trails to mingle with the trees and inhale the damp mossy wild smells of a forest.

When I had my fill of all things great and green I decided to head back toward the Children’s Adventure Garden and take a few shots of the whimsical pumpkin creations in the Haunted Pumpkin Patch. The place was just crawling with little ghouls and boys laughing, screaming, screeching, shrieking and crying (there is always one child that cries no matter  how much fun they are having) and it truly gave a most haunting atmosphere. The garden was filled with huge orange pumpkin sculptures of spindly legged spiders, stinging scorpions, annoying giant flies, marching caterpillars and large child sized orange toad stools.

Another terrific autumn day. Enjoy the photos below and you can see the full gallery of early fall photos from the New York Botanical Gardens on my website.

Stay in Focus,



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