When I woke up this morning and looked out my window I was a both relieved and a tad disappointed to see that Hurricane Irene left only scattered branches, leaves and one umbrella casuality as souvenirs of this major natural event.

Then I took a walk just a few blocks from my home and whammo! Felled trees everywhere. A huge tree in the garden of school PS 2 on 20th Avenue and 76th street lost its hold in the earth and toppled. It smashed into the fence its huge limbs like large gnarled claws clutched a  parked car and smothered it in branches and leaves.  As its roots were pulled from the earth like a tooth it buckled the ground around it pushing a garden bench skyward leaving it perched on its side. A few feet away across the street in a tiny triangle of a park a young  tree having lost its battle with mother nature lay on its side its roots no longer to grow beneath the earth.

A few minutes later someone came up to me and told me to walk down 78th street (from 19th to 20 avenues) where trees were knocked over by the powerful winds completely blocking the street. I did so and found one of the trees was ripped up right through the concrete its roots lying in a pile of broken cracked debris. Thankfully none of these trees landed on people’s homes nor went through windows, most of them buried cars under their bows and leaves but no major damage was done and no one was  hurt. The streets were filled with the neighborhood residents awaking to an amazing sight right out there front window.  Some were wandering around marvelling at the power that Irene unleashed on us in the wee hours of the morning taking photos of each other standing next to these fallen giants with their cell phones to send to friends and family.

I hope everyone effected by hurricane Irene is now safe and sound with none or  minimal damage to home, self and property. It is still very windy out there so please if you are taking a walk in your neighborhood please be careful of flying debris.

Stay in Focus,




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