This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the devastating destruction of the World Trade Center towers and the ensuing horrific deaths of innocent people on that unforgettable day September 11th 2001, or as it is historically known 9/11.

Last Wednesday I journeyed down to the WTC site to document with my photos the ongoing efforts to rebuild the towers and the surrounding area. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes the near complete WTC tower 1, the Freedom Tower stood tall, proud and majestic in the morning sun. Surrounded by a bevy of criss crossing cranes adding floor upon floor to this symbol of  new beginnings.

As I stood on the street looking up and marveling at the amazing feat of constructing a NYC skyscraper I could not help but remember ten years ago when I stood on Church and Canal Streets and watched in horror and disbelief as a plane on an unholy mission flew into the second tower. Later that morning  from the window of my office I watched as the towers fell and saw hundreds of people  running for their lives down Church street. It looked like a scene from an 1960’s Godzilla movie but the monster was fear and it was real. I shook my head to escape from these memories and realized that we did not give in to the fear but instead have pushed on to rebuild. This site will no longer be a symbol of commerce as it once was but will be a monument to the world of strength, determination and loving remembrance for those lives lost.

I took my photos with pride and smiled at the amazing engineering savvy of the construction workers and I look forward to photographing this area when all of the buildings and the memorial are completed.  I spent the rest of the afternoon down at Battery Park City photographing the boats and the people enjoying a warm summer day in down town Manhattan. Enjoy the photos.



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