Yesterday, Sunday June 26th was the annual Gay Pride Parade held in New York City and a landmark day it was. The skies were blue, the air warm and dry while thousands of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender participants marched down 5th Avenue from 36th Street to Christopher Street the sight of the Stonewall Riots.

They proudly waved rainbow flags and joyfully celebrated the passing of the same-sex marriage bill by the New York State legislators which finally allows gay couples to get married in New York. It was an eclectic mix of the very young to the very old, some married, some yet to be, and some with their children by their sides or in carriages.

The parade kicked off with a motorcycle cavalcade that roared down the avenue to cheers and applause from the spectators that lined the sidewalks. Followed by Governor Cuomo himself waving to the crowds who held up signs thanking the Governor for keeping his promise promoting civil rights to all.

I was standing on the corner of 22nd and 5th Avenue across from the Flat Iron building with a terrific view and taking shot after shot of the exuberant marchers, the brightly decorated floats and balloons, flag dancers, marching bands and of course some wild costumes. An enormous shout went out when the NYC Police and Fire fighters marched down the avenue in solidarity with their gay and lesbian partners. It was truly a day full of joy, fun, love and above all equality.

Enjoy the images below and stay in focus,



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