Happy Memorial Day,

I have had a terrific weekend and did a lot of shooting around the city as well as enjoying a family BBQ and birthday party pool side at my sisters home in Long Island.

Saturday, for the first time I walked across the infamous and beautiful Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. The typical New “Yawka” that I am I spend my life surrounded by some of the most historic monuments, bridges and other places of interest in the world and just now am finding the time to visit them. But, as they say better late than never.

My photography intention for the day was to head down town to Battery Park City to take shots of tourists and sailors enjoying the holiday weekend in NYC, but changed my mind when the #5 stopped at the Brooklyn Bridge stop and made the decision to finally walk across this historic landmark. I realized very quickly that I would have no problem looking for people to photograph because there were a million of them all around me and all heading across the bridge. Although at times packed shoulder to shoulder the crowd moved slowly but happily as they surveyed the surrounding views of South Street Seaport, the Manhattan Bridge as well as the skyline of Manhattan. It was a challenge not to bump into some one when you stopped to compose a shot or to keep from getting run over by a bicycle zipping between Manhattan and Brooklyn. This bridge really is an engineering marvel and I was mesmerized by the abstract criss cross of the suspension cables emanating from the two huge limestone and granite towers. When I zoomed in for a tight shot I felt as if I was enclosed in a spider’s web of steel cables. I was stopped every once in a while and asked if I would take a photo of someone or couple with the bridge in the background and as always I obliged. It is a nice way to meet people from other states and countries.

As I walked along the bridge’s promenade I noticed locks, lots of locks and many of them alone or in great bunches clinging to the walkway fencing or jutting from a metal ring embedded in a granite pillar beneath one of the bridge towers. Well, these are “love locks” apparently and are put there by couples who have pledged their eternal love to each other. They brought a smile to my face and are a great addition to my Locks gallery.

After a few hours I made my way back toward Manhattan photographing people selling souvenirs and offering bicycles for rent by the hour. As I exited the walkway and walked over to the subway I stopped for a few minutes to photograph a man doing head stands and other acrobatic movements on the street. It was a great way to end a great day of shooting in the great city of New York.

Later this week I will post the photos that I took today walking along the Hudson River and Chelsea Piers.

Enjoy the photos below and you can and see the full gallery here: Brooklyn Bridge gallery.

Stay in focus,




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