This past Sunday (4/17) I grabbed the camera and my 18-270 lens (my favorite lens for urban photography) and took a nice long walk up 31st Street underneath the elevated train where the N and Q take passengers to and from Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn. The sky was blue the temperature was warm and I had the whole day to myself  shooting whatever I pleased with no purpose in mind other than to capture the grunge, grime, rust and discarded “things” that litter an urban landscape.

During my walk I came upon this old decrepit house on the corner of 37th Avenue & 31st Street. It was so dilapidated that I was amazed it was still standing. The roof was just a bare skeleton of wooden slats with the sun pouring through adding a feeble warmth to this hollow ghostly scene.  A few sad worn remnants of ginger bread shingles still clung to the sides of the house giving away its age which I will assume was the turn of the last century. What was left of the porch was covered in crumbs of cracked, dried paint that looked like old makeup on an aged face. The wooden sides of the house were rotting and pitted by the elements and the windows were broken, barred and boarded. The entire house was enclosed in a high chain link fence locked to keep inquisitive people and photographers like myself out.  The grounds were covered in fallen debris and a family of stray cats lived in the back yard. The shots are bits and pieces of the house zooming in on the above mentioned windows, porches and porticoes.

I imagined that at one time all of 31st Street was lined with family homes similar to this one before the modern elevated trains ripped though this once quiet neighborhood where people sat on their porches on hot summer nights and cooked their meals on large black cast iron stoves. I took one photo after another and when I had my fill I said adieu to the house and continued my photographic sojourn up 31st Street.

I created a separate gallery for these images entitled This Old House  on my website and have posted a few images below on this blog.

The rest of the photos from my walk I will upload to my website and this blog tomorrow night.

Enjoy and stay in focus.



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