My creative goal today was taking photos of the 5 Pointz building, that incredible graffiti covered collective work of art in Long Island City, Queens, NY.  When I arrived at Queensboro Plaza via the N Train I found the # 7 train sitting there with no plans to leave anytime soon (these trains have been a mess the past two weekends) so I decided to walk to my destination since it really wasn’t that far.

On my way I was mesmerized by a glass paneled building of  a modern, geometric architecture that was a perfect giant mirror for the cloud scudded sky. This building sits right next to the Citicorp building but unfortunately I do not know its name. I was looking for something to add to my Abstract Reflections gallery and this was it. Now, as the title of this blog suggests it was windy and cold. I had no idea what planet I was on this morning but I waltzed out the door dressed for a spring day. Because I caught the bus right away I wasn’t outside long enough to feel the wind nor the cold (the bus stop is right on my corner.) Walking from Queensboro Plaza I nearly froze to death and while standing on an open corner photographing the above mentioned building I was nearly blown into next Tuesday the wind was so fierce.

Undaunted, I made my way through the wind and cold to the graffiti mecca of Long Island City. I braced myself against anything that wasn’t weaving to and fro in the wind to help steady my camera as best I could. I spent about an hour or so taking shots of what I like most about this building; the cracked brick, aging metal, weathered wood and rusted nails that lie beneath the bright colors and layers of paint. You would think that with all of the many layers of paint that these details would be smoothed over, instead it seems to pull the textures and detail out of the walls of this old building.  I try to capture only a small corner of some of the artists work to enhance the overall gritty urban effect and during post processing I converted a few images to black and white which really abstracted them making it a bolder composition.

After awhile my fingers were blue and the sky started to cloud over and a few tiny flakes of snow began to whirl around. I made my way back to the subway and headed into the city to the gym for a swim and a nice soak in a hot whirlpool. I nice way to end my windy sojourn.  I picked a few images from the group I took today both of the glass and the graffiti buildings for your perusing pleasure. Have a great Saturday night and hold on to your hats if you go outside!

Stay in Focus,



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