I woke up for work this morning (Thursday 1/27/11) as usual at 4:00am, looked out my bedroom window and surveyed the beautiful urban landscape covered in a cold, white blanket of new fallen snow. I then ran to the TV and tuned into the weather channel and lo and behold all MTA buses were suspended and subways too. Snow Day, Yay!!!!   I quickly sent an email to my boss telling her I would not be in and then dove back into bed and slept until the sun rose. Oh, what a beautiful morning it was!

Later this morning dressed for an arctic expedition I walked out of my apartment camera in hand for a few hours of  “photo phun” in the snow. I wandered up Ditmars Boulevard climbing over snow piles and sloshing through slush marveling how lovely the bright yellow stop lights looked topped with dollops of snow. The trees were breath-taking with their dark bare branches artistically coated with white.  I found a bush with dried withered flowers that had tiny mounds of snow on the end of each papery bud and dubbed them Snow Flowers and they are my favorite of all the shots I took today. As I walked I would meet a neighbor digging through the mounds of snow where mother nature and the plows buried their car and we would talk of the weather and photography.

My friend Janice had sent me an email asking if I will ever tire of taking photos of the snow and my reply was no, there is always something new, weird, pretty or silly buried in the snow. I had great fun taking shots of slush that looks like dirty mashed potatoes and a bright orange soda can stuck upright in the white, white snow, a wonderful red-rusted lock and a thick silver chain against a brick wall covered in snow and ice. I walked into the parking lot of a diner and watched some pigeons daintily navigating the snow and ice stopping to take little sips of the cold melt water at their feet. I took photos of blue mail boxes, orange traffic cones, clear plastic bottles, gas meters, fences, cars, air conditioners and even a pussy-cat looking out at me from the warmth of its home. All, except the cat, buried or shrouded in snow.  It seemed there was a photo everywhere I looked.

I spent a few hours when I got back post processing the shots and although I won’t have them posted on my website until tomorrow I have included a few of my favorites for your viewing pleasure. So, grab your self a hot drink or a glass of wine and see the other side of a winter landscape through my urban eyes.

Stay in Focus,



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