I have two photo exhibits coming up this year at the International Center on 23rd Street in New York City. One is a group exhibit with my camera club the Manhattan Miniature Camera Club in June with the opening  reception on Saturday June 4th. I am planning on showing HDR scenic images for that show that I have taken within the past year in and around the Tristate area.

Then in November a duo exhibit with my friend, fellow photographer and club member June Steffensen-Hagen who recently had a very successful exhibit last November at IC entitled “Guatemala on My Mind” a compilation of candid portraits of the people of Guatemala. June and I have decided to showcase all urban images for this year’s exhibit in both color and black and white since both of us enjoy shooting gritty street images.

This week I started reviewing my urban images and was amazed at how many of them are in the abstract either in composition or in post processing and it gave me the theme that I will use for my half of the November exhibit. All of the images I will show in this exhibit were shot in Astoria in the past two years and I have put together a gallery on my website entitled Abstract Astoria.

Note: as of 1/16/11 I published a book entitled Abstract Astoria. Click on the link in my Blog Roll to the right of this post.

As you know I am a native of Astoria Queens and love wandering around the town with my camera. These images were taken as I strolled along Ditmars Boulevard lined with  towering telephone poles with criss crossing cables and wires that are displays for old sneakers and shoes. Walking up and down side streets to examine life under the trestle of the Hellgate Bridge and in alleyways full of weeds and odd things. Turning onto Steinway street and heading  toward Astoria’s industrial section and the grungy charm of warehouses, construction, factories and the facades of old fading homes from the 19th and 20th centuries. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there is much beauty in the abstract; textures, lines, colors, forms, light and angles all draw the mind inward to look beyond what the eye is seeing.

Below are a few excerpts from the gallery which I hope you enjoy and please mark your calendars for these two exciting photo exhibits coming up in a few months (I don’t have the confirmed date yet for the November exhibit but I will post it as soon as I do) have a great week and stay in focus.

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