Ok, I’m at it again. I woke up coughing like a 3-pack-a-dayer but excited that 1) I did not have to go to work 2) the snow was piled up against my window about a foot high. Yay! Half awake I grabbed the camera and started to take shots of the windows and then wandered into the kitchen, put on the coffee and opened the window. A pile of snow descended onto the kitchen floor covering my bare feeties as I pushed opened the screen and stuck my head out to view the morning after the storm. What a site! The sun was straining through the thick clouds trying to add a feeble bit of warmth to the start of the day but the cold wind of winter was in control whipping up little snow storms and sending them cascading over the cars and down the street.

A few brave souls were out with their shovels and new snow blowers (possible gifts from Santa?) I spotted an intrepid woman bundled up to the top of her head and trudging through the snow on her way to work.  The Little Red Fire Hydrant standing bravely like a soldier wearing a hat of snow and surrounded in a smooth drift of frosty white.  I was fortunate that the snow plows had not come down the street yet and I was able to get a few shots of the street almost as it was after the storm with just the tops of cars peeking through mounds of snow. I love the abstract look of just a mirror or car door handle amidst a swirl of snow and the ice crystals frozen onto my window screen.

Ah,  I hear the plows now rumbling down the street clearing a path for the pedestrians among the scraping of shovels uncovering entombed cars like so many snow mummies. The sun has pushed the clouds away and is shinning bright and warm and the sky is turning blue and oh, how I wish I could go out and play with my camera. Sigh, unfair. I guess its time for another cup of coffee and a cinnamon crumpet and a shot of DayQuil. Stay warm and dry and in focus.


3 thoughts on “Winter From My Window Day 2

  1. What torture for a photographer ! Being held prisioner in your cold dank vermin infested hovel while hoards of other photographers scurry about in the snow and blizzard getting world class images.
    Words cannot express my sorrow and I say that in all honesty. Chin up old girl winter has just begun and other opportunities will open next month, RC


  2. Enjoy the snow, wind and drift from behind the windows for now. What a grand day to be off and not be caught in the elements although it is now a sunny, sparkling day and the air is cold and pure. Exhilarating!!!!
    Feel better, dear Cate!!!


  3. Hi Cate, i still one of your beautiful images, sorry, i like it, ( Winter from my window day)
    You are a very good photographer and a excelent writer
    Happy New Year
    Fell Better


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