Today is the day after Christmas 12/26/10 and the first snow storm for NYC and I’m sitting here in my PJs’ nursing a monster cold and equally odious cough that I’ve had for over a week, in front of an open window with the snow blowing in all directions, camera in hand shooting the winter wonderland before me.

I want so bad to run outside but fearing pneumonia I decide on shooting from my window with a plate full of Christmas cookies and mug of hot coffee by my side (aka winter survival food) is the better way to get my shots. I’m one of those people who love the snow and get as excited as a kid when the first few flakes begin to fall. The wind is blowing and the snow is swirling all around and coming in through the window covering my lens with crystals and depositing a little snow drift in my lap. 

What my camera has captured is just what I saw, a wind-blown urban landscape covering cars, telephone lines, coating tree limbs with a white fluffy icing and slowly, steadily burying the fire hydrant in front of my apartment. I’ve taken shots from my livingroom and bedroom windows. I’m fascinated with the textures of the tree trunks with the snow adhering to the crusty bark.  I’ve taken my fill of shots and am feeling the cold on my fingers and will wait until tomorrow to see what mother nature has created for me and maybe I’ll sneak outside tomorrow for a few more shots to celebrate this first of the winter snow fall. 

Enjoy and stay warm.


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