There are two galleries of mine that throughout the year I have been reviewing and I finally decided they needed a make over. These shots I took last winter; one of images in my neighborhood and the other in Pennsylvania on an outing with my camera club. I was never really happy with the exposure nor the lack of sharpness. In the original process I converted them all to black and white and yes it did bring out the cold of these winter scenes but they still just did not pop, and as far as I was concerned were boring. I toyed with removing them completely from my website but then decided to play around with them.

A while back I purchased a HDR plug-in for Photoshop Elements call ReDynaMix for a whopping sixteen bucks that I have been using in post processing for almost 90% of my images. It works like any filter and is very easy to use and apply to new and existing images.  I decided to re-work all of my winter images using this plug-in to give the images the boost I was looking for.  I went back to my original images and got down to business tweaking the HDR filter, adding a rich array of colors and lighting, adding softness and boosting contrast wherever needed. The result is a surreal and dramatic looking image that pulls the viewer into the scene. It took me three days to process and upload all of the images but well worth the effort and I’m pleased to present them to you: Childs Park Falls and the renamed Urban Winter . I’ll be adding to the Urban Winter gallery throughout this winter of 2010-2011, so enjoy and stay in focus.




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