Sigh!  October is gone and with it the beautiful, vibrant colors that mark the Autumnal Equinox. As much as I love the entire fall season the month of October is my favorite of the whole year.

On the last day of October, All Hallows Eve my friends and I met in Grand Central Station and took the Metro North to the town of Cold Spring, NY. We went to capture the last of the foliage, look at the Halloween decorations,visit the historic Boscobel Mansion  and have lunch at the Haunted Depot.  This is our third visit to Cold Spring  and we just love the laid-back atmosphere, the incredibly friendly residents, the little curio shops and to ride the trolley.

My friends Claudia, Janice and Margarita understand and respect my need as a photographer to take off alone with the camera.  So, while they poke around in the shops and talk to the locals I go exploring  for a few hours around the town before we meet up later at the trolley station.

The mid-morning sun enhanced the deep red, purple, yellow, orange and green on the trees and ivy clinging to the outside of homes, town buildings and picket fences.  Everywhere I looked was an explosion of color and was truly breath-taking. Every home was decorated with all things scary to entice the hordes of trick-or-treaters that will haunt the town when the sun goes down. Every shop window was festooned with antique brick-a-brack and jewelry and made for some very unusual photos.

Around 12:30 we paid our 50 cents fare and rode the trolley through the town toward Garrison, NY for our mansion visit and tour.  The tours are small and the tour guide Maria is very personable and her knowledge of the mansion and the family who owned it extensive. When the tour is over you feel as if you have been walked back in time to the early 19th century when the Dyckman Family  inhabited this beautiful Federal Style home. My favorite part of the tour is the kitchen with its huge fire-place and metal and wood cooking utensils and a nice little snack of crisp spice cookies served with warm apple cider. Happily I was able to sneak a few shots inside the Mansion and some colorful shots of  the grounds surrounding the mansion. 

I highly recommend taking the hour and twenty minute ride up along the Hudson River to Cold Spring and Garrison, NY for a nice easy going “day-cation” any time of the year and please don’t forget the camera.

Enjoy the photos and as always please feel free to view the full gallery of at

Warm Regards,



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