Yesterday, was the Ocean Conservancy’s annual Coast Cleanup and I was to document this occasion on Long Beach, LI with my photography but  some how never got a chance to meet up with the cleanup crew. But, undaunted and with a promise of images for the Ocean Conservancy’s website I walked along the beach photographing and picking up garbage.

Now, many times I have written in this blog about how much I love the beach and Long beach in particular with its white sand, myriads of ocean birds, abundance of shells, clear water, great people, etc. but, it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized how much trash or garbage is strewn about the sands. It was washed up on the shore, buried in the sand, thrown under the board walk and left on the benches.  I was gobsmacked as the British say.  Garbage does not sink or disappear if  thrown into sea, the ocean just spits it back up onto the shore. It may get buried but it will not breakdown and blend in with the sand, especially since most of the trash is made of plastic which we all know can be recycled but  is not biodegradable. It’s going to be around this planet for a long time. 

I’m hoping to open a few eyes as mine were yesterday with the images that I took and as I wrote to a friend in an email earlier; “my whole point of these photographs is to show that although the garbage is depicted in an artistically composed shot on the beach the reality is the garbage looks out of place, it does not belong there; the sand, shells, seaweed and driftwood do.”

Next time you are walking along the beach or anywhere for that matter and see garbage pick it up and put it in its proper place, the garbage can.

Stay in focus everyone,



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