I’ve always admired sports photographers and the outstanding photography that they produce and wished that I could take action shots like they do but not knowing a thing about sports nor having the proper equipment required I never tried. Until yesterday  when I exited the subway at West 4th street  and 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village, planning a day of street photography I walked right into a crowd of spectators surrounding The Cage Court watching a very intense women’s basketball game; the Kenny Graham’s West 4th Street 2010 Pro Classic.

I was wondering how I was going to take photos through the crowd and fence when, as if reading my mind, a man sitting inside the fence told me to come in through the gate and take my photos.  I walked around the crowd and in through a small group of fans, friends, and family of the players and found a spot along the side of the fence behind one of the hoops. In fact this is the only place that you can stand or sit inside the cage. Most of the spectator choose to watch from outside on the street.

Now, as I said before I know nothing of sports and especially basketball but I figured the best thing to do was to keep my eye on the ball because wherever it went the players were sure to follow. I had my Canon 50MM 1.4 so I had to get pretty close to the players without getting in the way and fortunately no one was in front me and my line of site was clear.  I had the shutter speed at 1000 and set my aperture as wide as it would go. I also put it on burst mode to capture as many frame as fast as the camera would go. I took about 150 shots and picked 22 that I felt really captured the excitement and intensity of the game and the players. I was thrilled to finally get a chance to shoot a sporting event and a women’s event at that.  I posted a few “fast” ones below but you can view the full gallery by clicking on PhotoByCate

Stay in Focus,



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