If you are traveling to New York City the one building of all the magnificent buildings and land marks that Manhattan has to offer, the Flatiron Building is the one architectural beauty to add to the must see list. Like the prow of a huge ship the Flatiron’s famous triangular shape cleaves through the intersection of 5th Avenue and Broadway and up 23rd street. Designed by American architect Daniel Hudson Burnham and completed in 1902, it was at one time the tallest building on the island of Manhattan.

I am fortunate enough to work in the Flatiron District and each morning when I emerge from the subway station at 23rd street straight ahead of me is the Flatiron Building. Its limestone and glazed terra cotta façade illuminated by the early morning sun is a welcoming site to behold.

Although the open air tourist buses provide a slightly elevated view of the building as they whiz by in the afternoon traffic, I feel the best place to view and photograph the Flatiron is from the ground looking straight up. The perspective is a dizzying display of vertical windows shooting up into the endless sky. It truly takes your breath away.

Enjoy and Stay in Focus,



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