You can tell that spring is here and summer is on its way because the annual NYC street fairs and parades have started. Yesterday I shot one of many 6th Avenue street fairs to come and also a spontaneous dance parade along Broadway, both of these events took place in the Chelsea/Flatiron section of Manhattan.

I had a terrific day with my new Canon 50D and the Nifty Fifty (Canon 50mm 1.4) lens. My goal was people/street photography, no depth of field and to shoot whatever came into my view. I captured the essence and visual overload that you get at a NYC street fair with thousands of people and “things” to buy and wonderful greasy fried foods to eat. Jewelry, clothing, electronics, hats and T-shirts were on display from stalls for blocks along 6th avenue.  The parade was a hoot with colorful costumes and people and two transvestites that hammed and glammed it up strutting their beautiful yet masculine legs in stiletto heels and showing off their buns of steel all along broadway. In between the street fair and the parade I had a lovely brunch with friends and took a few portrait and still life shots in the restaurant. All in all in was a great day to be out with a camera.  Enjoy the photos and stay in focus.


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