I finally visited the new High Line Park on the far west side of Manhattan.  This is the park that was created from an old abandoned elevated railroad that ran along 10th avenue from the 1930’s to 1980 delivering goods to the meat packing district.

Basically, the High Line is a very novel way to preserve and present a defunct industrial past of New York City and I found it both interesting and at times a little boring. The views are really nothing that will inspire awe but they are an outdoor aerial view with glimpses of the now upscale meat packing district, Chelsea Piers and the Hudson River all wrapped in an industrial coating. The park itself is very narrow so even at a non- peak season for outdoor viewing the walk ways were crowded and you could not turn around without someone literally in your face. I found the old tracks buried in snow and grasses the most fascinating and really the only link as to what this area was and why it became a historic landmark. 

Now, I love shooting industrial anything and had a field day but I kept trying to figure out how best to represent this very urban look at NYC to say someone from the Midwest looking through a travel magazine of exciting places to visit. Fortunately the day was sunny and bright and the gorgeous IAC building was part of the scenery and small patches of left over snow added some nice touches. The views overlooking the busy streets, of multi level car parks, billboards, satellite dishes, and other assorted urban roof top attire helped to compose some thought-provoking (as in WTF?)  images.  I managed to include glimpses of the Empire State Building in a few and some tourists who looked fascinated and slightly perplexed but were having a good time.

It is definitely a unique little park to stroll through and I hope you enjoy the little glimpse I’ve captured below. To see the full gallery click here

Stay in Focus,




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