This past Saturday (02/13) I went to Childs Park Falls, PA with some of my buddies from the MMCC and we had a blast and I got  quite a few beautiful shots and also nearly froze to death! My God, it was cold there and a little treacherous too. At one point I lost my footing and I went into a Bavarian Waltz with my tripod heading for the falls and cursing like a Long Shoreman! Luckily there was a tree handy and I grabbed it as I whizzed by. LOL. 

It was a challenge and a half with the tripod on the uneven snow and at times I had to take the camera off the tripod to maneuver into a spot to get the shot. Since I was shooting snow and snow-covered “things” I bumped the exposure up by +1 to retain the whiteness of the snow and a slow shutter speed to get that lovely soft dreamy effect of the flowing water. The day was over cast and there wasn’t much color except for white, grey and a little brown so I converted the shots to B&W which really brought out the icy coldness of the scenery.  Truly a winter wonderland See the shots below or click on the link to see the full gallery: Childs Park Falls


After we were too numb to shoot anymore my friends and I drove to the town of Milford, PA for a HOT and delicious lunch and to thaw out, talk shop, and gossip. After lunch we toured the town and stopped into an antique shop.  The shop was an old mansion from the 1800’s and had a magnificent stair case that I crawled all over with the camera. It was fun to take abstract shots of some of the interesting artifacts piled every where in that mansion. I shot these in color and processed some in B&W and sepia and abstracted quite a few of them. The lighting was terrific in this place because there were big windows almost every where so shooting hand-held at 400 ISO was great since I couldn’t very well set up my tripod in the middle of the store. See the photos below or click on the link to see the full gallery: Antique Store


The trip was great fun and we hope to go back in the spring or fall when the colors are in full bloom.

Stay In Focus,



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