The Big Apple is frozen solid this weekend but the sun is out and skies are clear and it is a great time to go to the zoo in Central Park. I like shooting in the winter months best here in NYC because the cool temperatures keep most people indoors and areas that are usually swarming with people like Central Park are empty. I wandered over to the park on a spur of the moment and did not have my tripod so I had to brace against plexiglass partitions, brick walls and anything else that was solid and immobile to get the sharpest shots possible without a tripod. The animals were cooperative except for the snow monkeys who I swear go out of their way to make photographer nuts. I quickly realized that I do not  have the patience to be a wild life photographer even if the “wild” life is in an enclosed space. Having a 500mm lens would have helped also, but I persevered and shot until my fingers would not work anymore and then had a cup of hot coffee in a café and headed back home to warmth and my laptop. 

You can view some of the shots below or go to my website for the full gallery of images Enjoy, stay warm and in focus.


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