Happy 2010 Everyone,

I was out and about early and had an invigorating swim at the gym and then spent a few hours wandering around taking shots. As we all know not every shot is going to be tack sharp and beautifully exposed and those shots usually get trashed but sometimes the composition is just too cool and shouldn’t be deleted.  So, digital darkroom to the rescue (a.k.a. Photoshop Elements). 

The photos in question had a lot of noise, motion blur and the exposure was off but I capitalized on these photographic errors by adding more blur, Gaussian my favorite and a canvas texture. Both of these further softened the photos by adding a nice glow and the texture disguised the noise giving a tapestry look to the images.  There were also some odd shots that I took in the subway that needed a little “spicing” up and I added other filters and textures to these too! I have no idea what I am going to do with them yet but for now I just like the idea that I rescued them from the delte bin, dressed them up and put them here on this site to share with You.  Enjoy and stay in focus! 


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