Last weekend I was planning to spend it doing domestic “things” around the apartment like cleaning and laundry but while walking up Ditmars Blvd. to do my weekly grocery shopping I marvelled aT the beautiful sky and was mesmerized by the way the telephone wires crisscrossed across that sky and how incredibly yellow the stop lights were. I decided to chuck the domestic thing and ran home to get my camera. My plan was to walk along Ditmars Boulevard from 77th Street down to 31st Street just shooting all of the aforementioned wires, stop lights and anything else that caught my urban eye.

I left my apartment around 11:30am and returned at 4:00pm tired but with a memory card stuffed full of exciting images. During post processing I really went overboard in Photoshop Elements to create an artistic, abstract and Psychedelic (there’s a word you don’t hear too often unless your my age, LOL) look to these images using layers, filters and textures.  What fun and what a great way to learn and practice with these terrific features.  See the images below or click on the link to see the full gallery of wild and beautiful images from my neighborhood:

Stay In Focus,



2 thoughts on “Going Wild with Filters and Other Effects

  1. Cate, I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your website. Your photos are both beautiful and imaginative. I derived inspriation from them. I am not a rank beginner in photography, but close to it. I was impressed with your enthusiasm and generosity in sharing how-to’s. I don’t know if you know me but I am in MMCC and at our farewell dinner at Le Petite Auberge was in front of the restaurant with you and another member.

    Do you ever tutor less experienced photographers?
    Sincerely, Sandy Farber


    1. Hi Sandy,

      Thank you so much for your kind words they mean so much to me. I really enjoyed chatting with you at the MMCC end of year dinner and also enjoyed myself. I am very willing to help you with any photographic questions you have and also hope you can join some of the outtings that the MMCC has. I am also on the program committee to come up with programs to help educate our memebers in postprocessing as well as lighting, composition and other photography skills. So if you have any ideas please feel free to email me or use the list serve to send to all of our members.

      Best Regards,


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