Happy All Souls Day and Happy belated Halloween.

Halloween is my very favorite holiday of the year and this year my friends and I visited the legendary and  historic   Sleepy Hollow Cemetery  in Sleepy Hollow, NY. This is where Washington Irving penned the thrilling story of  The Headless Horseman and is also his resting place as well as the Headless Horsman’s. Yesterday was a very “dark and stormy day” but the rain did hold back until the evening making it a soggy night for Trick-or-Treaters.

I must confess that when I got home and uploaded the images I was very upset to see that most of them were not exactly “tack” sharp; to be honest they were quite blurred.  Why? Because I was trying to shoot in very low light without a tripod and in my excitement to be in this wonderful historic place I was not paying attention to my shutter speed vs. my focal length ratio and after emailing a good friend and professional photographer he confirmed that this was indeed the problem.

Ok, I messed up big time on this one but it is a lesson learned. Luckily I did not completely flip out like I usually do and delete the whole “shootin” batch. I closed down the computer and set the camera battery to recharge, made myself some popcorn and watched Night of the Living Dead to calm myself down. Nothing like a good ole B grade black and white scary movie to do that.

This morning refreshed and feeling a little more friendly towards my photos. I began reviewing the images again and wondering how to salvage them. One thing I quickly realized was that although the color and composition were great one tomb stone looks just like another and that I was getting bored. So, reflecting on the movie I watched last night I decided to convert the cemetery shots to black and white and then add filters like diffused glow, radial blurs, spot lights, and canvas textures and some I converted to infrared to give them a more somber, haunted, walking-in-a-dream look and to add some diversity and excitement to the overall composition. It also hides the “mistakes” too!  It worked and they look great. Thank God for Photoshop! They will make great prints. I posted a few shots below or click here for the full gallery.

We also visited the Philipsburg Manor  and low and behold the sun came out for about an hour and I was able to take some great fall foliage shots and yes these were tack sharp. I added them to an existing gallery entitled Autumnal Fun.


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