I had a blast last night at my bi-weekly meeting with the Manhattan Miniature Camera Club where the program featured two photographers from the Huntington Camera Club who stopped by to discuss the pros and cons of black and white conversions and using layers to edit your photos.  I am still a novice at digital darkroom “stuff” and can do the basic image editing: color enhancement, sharpening, cleaning, etc.  but I still have to master layers and that is going to take some time. So, mean while I’ll have fun with B&W and then move on to bigger and better things later.

Since I have been shooting digital I have grown to really appreciate the nuances of black and white photography especially when done well.  With digital images you can take a good color photo and turned it into a dynamic black and white image with just a few adjustments. So tonight I have been doing my homework and have worked on about seven images and came up with three  which I have posted that I think came out great.  You can view more black and white images on my website

Our next meeting is November 1st and it is a competition night and I’m am going to submit two black and white images. I’ll let you know how I do. Til then, stay In focus.



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