Hello Everyone,

As per my last post (click here)  I had my third meeting with the Manhattan Miniature Camera Club this past Monday and as always the first Monday of the month is competition night.  I sent in two digital images (see below) one for texture and the other for architecture. I was hoping for a 9 on the texture which I call Rust & Port Hole but alas the judge who was very fair, experienced and basically wonderful, but a tad picky felt it was an 8 as she did with my second image of the Piano Building looming up into the great blue sky. Eights are great but nines are fine and I’m determined to get at least one nine per month and to do that I have to make sure the image has a WoW factor; it’s got to bowl the judge over. This is terrific practice for me as I plan to expand my submission to bigger and more prestigious competitions in the future and the MMCC is giving me a good grounding. I have to say that I really like doing this; I am learning so much about photography just by looking and listening to a constructive critique of my work as well as my fellow photographers. There are some damn good photographers in this club and I’m thrilled to be a part of this group.  The next meeting is October 19th and it is a discussion program called Photo Conversations. I’m already planning for the next monthly competition and am thinking of submitting two black and white photos that I took this year. There is also a separate competition (the first of three for the year) in November and the theme is simply Zoo. So, off  to the Bronx I go.

I am also on my third assignment with the Photographic Society of America and this project is people. This is tough for me because I do not like shooting people, that didn’t sound right did it? I meant photographing them because well just because I don’t know what the heck to do with them!  I feel uncomfortable trying to pose them, etc. and I’m sure the model picks up on that. I’m an urban industrial photographer and you will rarely see people in my photos but I made a committment to do whatever it takes to become a great photographer and learning to shoot (there I go again) people in different scenes, clothes, lighting, predicament, whatever I will do. Thankfully my friend Claudia of Lampreart is a very willing model and also very patient as well as a fantastic artist. That’s the sign of a good friend. I’ll start this Sunday photographing her in her art studio. For the assignment I have to read ten chapters or projects and then pick three to do and then submit. Gulp! Hopefully I will have some to post on this blog in a week or two. Keep your fingers crossed.  Have a great week.

Stay In Focus,

Cate  www.photobycate.com


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