Hello Everyone,

I hope you have been enjoying your summer or winter depending on what part of the globe you live.

I spent Saturday at a little beach that I didn’t know existed in Staten Island, NY called South Beach now it is not the same as the South Beach in Florida, or the fashionable diet, the only thing they have in common is the name but this little beach was lovely and sits in the shadow of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

It was a hot and hazy day and the sky was not cooperating with me so I focused my mind and camera on what I found while walking along the shore. Whenever I am at a beach I always take a long walk because I am just fascinated with what the ocean has washed up onto the shore.  South Beach had plethora of beautiful shells, crustaceans and just plain ole flotsam and jetsam that I loved photographing. Take a peek  at a few shots below or view the full gallery at www.photobycate.com

Wishing you a great week and as always Stay in Focus,



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