There is only one thing about digital photography that I hate and that is digital noise. G-r-r-r-r.  I can’t wait until the day when the “theys” create a digital camera that eliminates this annoying side effect of high ISO completely. The frustration of it almost makes you want to go back to using film. I know I can minimize it in post processing but it does soften the image and sometimes the noise is so bad the image is trash.

 This rant started with my new computer that I bought this week. My old HP laptop was acting very weired and I brought it into Best Buys Geek Squad to have the hard drive diagnosed. Well the poor little thing was infected by a Trojan virus. Now I could have had the drive cleaned and restored and upgraded but the upgrade would have been minimal due to the age of the lap top so I opted for a brand new Dell Studio with 500gig of hard drive space and 4 gigs of RAM. That should hold me for awhile and allow me to upload larger images. Now that I have more space I might give shooting in RAW a whirl. Anyway when I viewed my photos on the new crisp, clean and clear 17″ wide screen they looked beautiful and full of detail and low and behold some of them had waaaaaaaaaaay more noise than I thought they had when I viewed them on my old laptop.  I was crushed and panicked. I went back to the originals and reprocessed them removing as much noise as possible but I had to admit defeat on a few and removed them from my website.  Sigh!  Anyway I love my new computer and still have many, many, many wonderful and beautiful photos that don’t have noise. Life is good.  Stay in focus.

Cate  –


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