The title of this post  is the inscription that David duChemin wrote to me in my copy of his latest book Within The Frame. I was fortunate enough to have met this gracious man at  a seminar he was giving at B&H Photo in New York City this past Sunday.  He is a wonderful, down to earth, real person and I and the audience enjoyed his insights, stories and anecdotes that make up the photos in this book. The photos will absolutely knock your eyes out.

 He talks about having vision and passion for your work and craft and encourages all photographers to shoot what they want and not what they think would please other people. This really hit home for me because starting photography in mid life with very little knowledge about this art I have a teeny-weenie tendency to get very insecure about my work.  This book is a stepping stone for me and has inspired  me to continue on the photographic journey that I have chosen and to have no fear of what others may think.  A great read. Thanks David.

Stay In Focus,


Traffic in The CityTaxi!!Cross StreetWarp Drive


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